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November 1, 2018

Top 5 most successful cryptocurrencies

The most commonly heard cryptocurrency at present is Bitcoin. But did you know that there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies in circulation out there- most of which we aren’t even aware of! We’ll be taking you through the top five, trending cryptocurrencies that are currently ruling the world:

1. Bitcoin:

Rightly situated at the top, around 16.8 million bitcoin tokens are out there in circulation. The upper limit is capped at 21 million. It was the first and original version of cryptocurrency, and it has undoubtedly paved the way for the others that closely followed. No doubt it’s famous for being a path-breaker in the crypto-world, Bitcoin comes with its own set of drawbacks – high transaction fees being one of them. Also, Bitcoins are subject to high volatility, which is one major drawback. Nevertheless, the immense returns generated by bitcoins and the lucrative returns are what keep the masses hooked to it.

2. Ripple:

One of the best features of Ripple is its low transaction costs. Moreover, Ripple came, climbed and conquered! It gained almost 35000% of its original value in the year 2017, making it one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies! Overcoming significant drawbacks of other major currencies, Ripple is much more stable and reliable as compared to its counterparts. Another interesting feature Ripple brings in is that it doesn’t require mining at all – unlike Bitcoin, which depends heavily on mining. This gives Ripple an edge over others – making it a much better, energy saving option over its counterparts.

3. Ethereum:

Making its debut in 2015, Ethereum has fast grown since then. Extremely safe and secure with no interference from any third party, Ethereum definitely has its brownie points over other cryptocurrencies. The cryptographic tokens in the Ethereum system are known as ‘Ethers,’ which used either by developers to run applications inside Ethereum or by investors who wish to transact via Ethereum. It is a decentralized software platform that can be used to trade almost ‘everything.’


4. Litecoin:

Popularly known as the ‘silver to bitcoin’s gold,’ Litecoin made it’s entry soon after Bitcoin entered the world. Litecoin is like Bitcoin in many ways except that the transaction process is much faster, owing to a quick block generation rate. An open source global payment network, Litecoin uses ‘scrypt’ as a proof of all its transactions. Though bitcoin’s little brother, Litecoin comes with a higher cap limit of 84 million tokens.

5. Dash:

Originally, Dash started off with the name Darkcoin – the name was aptly justified as Dash is known to be a more secretive version of bitcoin. Anonymity is the key here, and no transaction carried out via dash is traceable. Dash gained immediate spotlight and popularity in the market, and its name was changed from Darkcoin to ‘Dash’ which also stood for ‘Digital Cash.’

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September 29, 2018

Benefits of investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is continuing to make its way into the mainstream public and jumping on that train early, maybe prove to be the extra retirement money you need down the road. Cryptocurrency is a completely digital currency. It was created online and lives online. It’s primary trading source is online and in some cases, it is limited by its creators to never be affected by necessary financial woes that happen out in the real world. In all of its many forms, the most recognizable cryptocurrency, especially in modern news cycles, has been bitcoin.


Bitcoin typically conjures up images of the dark web and hackers taking over businesses, demanding a ransom. However, it’s much larger than that and has seen a significant increase in value year over year. $100 USD in bitcoin in 2010 would be worth nearly five million USD today. That’s a significant increase. Bitcoin is also becoming more widely accepted at markets across the globe, and could potentially be saving lives in Venezuela as it has become a currency alternative as the value of the dollar there drops to nearly nothing at all.

There is some thought that cryptocurrency is immune to inflation and, if that turns out to be true, would make it the most valuable form of currency available today. Inflation and printing more money has continuously driven down the value of nearly every dollar on the planet. With cryptocurrency, there is a limit set of how much can be printed, and once that limit is set, the minting of new coins cannot be done. This leads to the value of all of the printed or minted currency increasing, working on a demand schedule.


Cryptocurrency is also impossible to counterfeit in any traditional way. Because every transaction is stored online on a network of computers, no one can change the transaction information. Even being able to do so would prove as an error across the consensus of network computers and be immediately fixed based on the data available across the entire network. A lack of counterfeit not only makes your cryptocurrency retain its value, but also drives down the need for regulation on such acts, which again cuts down on cost and solidifies value.

As of now, die-hard crypto fans will tell you that it’s the future and the only way to go, but officials warn that skepticism may be more important at this early stage. If you have some money you would like to invest in a short term setting, this may be the most profitable method of doing so, but funneling in your life savings may turn out to be a bigger risk than you can afford, especially given the volatility and flexibility of the market in cryptocurrency. As always, be safe and invest intelligently, with research and diversification. With the knowledge of the market on your side, you will feel much more comfortable about your choices going forward.

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